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With the usage drop in incandescent bulbs and lamps, Kamalsons began to focus only on two product categories for the Power Supply sector, namely Insulators & HRC Fuses.

Our consumer products are distributed via wholesale buyers and directly to retail customers spread around the island. Currently, we distribute to retailers and wholesalers in all major cities and towns in Sri Lanka.

In recent times, the company vision changed into becoming a power and energy solutions provider to help sustain the environment through green business solutions. This shift in our philosophy quickly attracted Tigre Energy, a new leader in Biomass Gasification and Boiler solutions with vast international experience in renewable energy sectors. They are now our strategic partner in this area to provide renewable energy solutions for clients who need low carbon, sustainable power.

More recently, our past dominance in the respective product sectors in Sri Lanka and the present change of focus in having a new vision of becoming the most eco-friendly power and energy solutions provider in the island, the Global leader for LED lighting innovations CREE awarded us the distributorship for Sri Lanka. 

For lighting assessments and design expertise, with larger and more complex projects, our new strategic partner in LED solutions LTSS – the authorised agent for CREE in the UK will be supporting us with our resolve. Our engineering partner Illukkumbura Industrial Automation (PVT) Ltd , will be undertaking the implementation which will give Kamalsons the potential to take on any project in any part of the island to guarantee international standards in product / service delivery.

Kamalsons is now working towards the goal of creating a Greener Tomorrow in the resplendent island of Sri Lanka, known as the Pearl of the Orient. In this regard, we will be adding more brands, products, services and agencies to our Greener Portfolio to attract the wider attention of both private and government sector lead organisations who have identified a pressing need for quick change to environmentally sustainable power and energy solutions to the industry and business sector.

The pace with which we embrace new challenges, Kamalsons will soon prove to be the industry trend-setter in Sri Lanka working towards a Greener Tomorrow.



Mr Kandage, the founder of Kamalsons (PVT) Ltd started his career as an administrator at Ceylon Transport Board (CTB), where he gained his extensive knowledge in administration. Upon leaving CTB, he commenced his entrepreneurial career under the mentorship and guidance of the late Mr Vidyalankara. His new entrepreneurial career comprised of brokering, where he was trading at the Colombo wholesale market in Pettah. This was the main commercial hub for the entire island and it was a truly challenging and satisfying experience for him. Interestingly, during this period, he worked as a part time tutor teaching mathematics and applied mathematics to students which included some eminent future politicians as well as a future Prime Minister.

In the next phase of his entrepreneurial career, he established Kamalsons as a private limited liability company in 1980 with the registered office in Colombo 3.

70% of Kamalson’s business was in the household and industrial lighting sectors whilst the remaining 30% of business was in projects which were awarded to the company by the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB). For these projects, Kamalsons supplied Fuse Cut-outs, Fuse Links, KWH electricity meters, Jointing Kits and other related products.

Energy saving products were introduced in the mid eighties by Tungsram and GE, two of the prestigious brands supplied and distributed by Kamalsons. CEB subsequently joined hands with Kamalsons to introduce an energy-saving scheme for consumers.

Kamalsons were the proud agents for Lucky Gold Star (LG) for its switchgear range, Tungsram Lighting for the consumer sector, Elgo Street Lamps for CMC projects and EYE Brand for the high power/security lamps sector.



LTSS is our Strategic Business Partner for LED Lighting solutions with Assessment, Design & Installation consulting for larger & complex projects. Their backing allows us to venture in to project of any size and complexity anywhere in the island.
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Tigre Energy is our strategic partner for low cost biomass power solutions which guarantee a fast payback. With vast international experience, Tigre Energy is capable of catering to varying        needs of diverse customers spread throughout the island.  

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(IIAL) is a Sri Lankan owned electrical Engineering Company operated by a dedicated team of professionals. Their main business is in the electrical infrastructure developments in both private and public sectors. Furthermore they have expanded their business horizons over the continents and have gained the trust of many international customers. The company established in 1989 and incorporated in May 1992.  Up to now they have completed more than 1000 industrial projects conforming to international standards and regulations. Being a well established service provider they always ensure in exceeding customer expectations.

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Suvendra Kandage
Managing Director

Suvendra has filled the position of Managing Director with Kamalsons (PVT) Ltd since 2001. He has advanced the company forward by taking the lead on technical issues and strategy in marketing GE and LG products as the Authorised Agents for Sri Lanka. He has also taken the lead in overseeing the awarded Ceylon Electricity Board projects. 

Since LED is currently transforming the world’s lighting industry with the discontinuation of the old incandescent lamps, Suvendra is committed to ensuring Kamalsons drive forward with the adoption of LED lighting and to lead the LED revolution in Sri Lanka. Through his enterprise and commitment, he has secured partnerships with LTSS UK, CREE Lighting and Illukkumbura Industrial Automation, building a team of knowledge specialists in order to progress Kamalsons vision on LED.. 

Furthermore his perseverance and dedication has led to securing a partnership with Tigre Energy to provide renewable (Biomass) energy solutions.

Andrew Wallace
Technical Director

Andrew has filled the appointment of Technical Director with LTSS Limited since August 2006. As CREE Authorised Agents he is has the lead on technical issues, designs and specifications in the UK and also in support of Kamalsons PVT in Sri Lanka.

Andrew has completed lighting designs and specifications for a wide range of interior and exterior LED applications. These includes streetlighting, industrial and warehousing applications, offices, hospitality, hospitals and a wide range of other applications. He is passionate about integrating the optimal LED lighting and controls solutions so that energy consumption is minimized for customers who also enjoy the best possible return on their investment. 

Andrew is a member of the Institute of Lighting Professionals and, through his parent company, the Lighting Industry Association.

Aruni De Silva
Chief Financial Officer

Currently working as Group Accountant in Local Government in the United Kingdom. Extensive experience in financial management and control across public, private and voluntary sector organisation in the UK. An inspiring finance professional with key strengths including turning around underperforming teams, developing new income streams, implement robust structure and leaner processes.


With over sixteen years of Highways and Traffic Engineering experience in the Central London Local Government Sector, including eleven years of Project and Portfolio Management within Transport for London, Eranga has a vast experience of Highway Engineering including street and structural lighting.

Currently he is working on a Londonwide Highway Lighting Programme to improve all street lighting on the Transport for London’s Road Network (over 500km), which includes upgrading over 23,000 lighting units to LED with Central Management Systems (CMS).

Having qualified as a Civil Engineer from Imperial College London, and with his extensive project management and contractual experience in Highway Engineering in London Road Infrastructure, Eranga is a great asset to the Company in delivering progressive, cost effective solutions and strategies.

Fayaz Mohammed

Fayaz comes from a Architectural lighting background  mainly working on high end residential projects in the UK and in Europe, he was the specification sales manager for one of Belgium’s leading Architectural lighting companies based in the UK, providing design and services to specifiers and enduser clientele.

He also worked in Sydney Australia, for  PIERLITE one of the countries top lighting brands spearheading many projects such as prisons, Schools, Street lighting and many hazardous area lighting applications for the petrochemical industry.

With the sound knowledge of interactive lighting controls  combined with lighting design he could provide you with the best lighting solution.