Switchgear From Europe   certification

Since the year 1950 till now, ETI has grown into a world's leading provider of products and services in the field of electrical installations, and into an important manufacturer of technical ceramic products, tools and equipment, and plastic and technical rubber products.

A substantial element in the company's growth strategy are its subsidiaries in Slovenia and abroad, and close cooperation with selected strategic partners. ETI employs today more than 1600 people, and its products are sold in more than 60 countries all over the world. The company is investing a lot into research & development and innovative activities. It is one of the first Slovenian enterprises which have acquired the quality certificate ISO 9001 and environment management certificate ISO 14001.

The quality of products and services is constantly aimed at achieving customers' satisfaction and corresponding business excellence. All our products are internationally certified and have been awarded many quality symbols.    

We have succeeded in creating an internationally competitive, development-oriented, and stable business group, whose growth couldn't be stopped neither by extreme pressure of competition nor the last years' recession. Our future will continue to be built upon high-quality offer of complete palette of products and services, on strengthening the flexibility and competitiveness, on mastering new products, and the profit will still be invested into knowledge, market and technological development.  


Residential and commercial installations
Industrial instalations
Distribution of electric energy for low and medium voltage
Power electronics,
semiconductors and special
purpose applications

ETI provides high-quality and integral solutions for protection of electrical installations in buildings. We supply all kinds of type D, D0 and C fuse-links, as well as MCB’s and various types of residual current protection switches from ASTI group. In our sales program you will also find various types of switches and supervision & control devices of EVE group. Very important is also overvoltage protection ETITEC.  All together shall be built, of course, into a distribution cabinet DIDO  of your choice.

High-quality protection of installations and devices in industry is ensured by wide selection of fuse-links and circuit breakers. Particularly important is the wide range of NV/NH fuse-links and switchgear combinations, i.e. fuse blocks and switch disconnectors. We also offer MCB’s and power circuit breakers ETIBREAK. And not to forget ETICON contactors, plug-in outfit and line-up terminals SPOJ and overvoltage protection devices ETITEC.

ETI  provides high-quality solutions for the protection of low and high-voltage electrical installations in the field of electric power distribution. We supply a wide range of high-voltage fuse-links of the type VV, low voltage power circuit brekares ETIBREAK, distribution cabinets KVS, medium voltage surge arresters ETISURGE and ceramic as well as polymeric insulators.


ETI fuse-links for semiconductor protection ULTRA QUICK present an optimal solution for protection of power semiconductors, such as diodes, thyristors and other power semiconductors in DC and AC power applications such as AC/DC, DC/AC,  DC/DC converters and frequency converters. ETI fuse-links elements for semiconductor protection comply with IEC 60269 and VDE 0636 standards.

Special purpose fuses are designed for protection of special applications, where there are specific technical requirements or those higher than with standard fuses. This includes fuses for protection of DC applications, fuses for battery and UPS protection, fuses for protection of the measuring instruments – multimeter, fuses for protection of transient voltage surge suppression (TVSS) products, metering fuses for mounting in current transformers and installation in switch-disconnectors, fuses for protection against the effects of electric arc at work under voltage and fuses for railway vehicles.

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