Indoor lighting

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Color is a powerful element in every space. It establishes the tone and personality of our homes and businesses. It not only shapes our moods, it can influence our buying decisions and enhance our ability to learn and interact.

Consumers are naturally drawn to rich colors. Vibrant shades of fruit and produce reveal their freshness. Our own natural skin tones reveal our health and facilitate better human interaction. Colorful settings appeal to our senses, engaging students, shoppers, and employees alike.

In these ways, the color rendering property of light plays a critical role in creating spaces that appeal, inspire, and inform. With 90+ CRI, fixtures powered by Cree TrueWhite® Technology beautifully render the true colors of everything from fresh fruit to apparel, delivering value far beyond their energy savings.


  • Residential Lighting

    Residential A19 Series Lamp Applications
    Cree® LED lamps look and operate like traditional incandescent bulbs, but use at least 84% less energy and are designed to last 25 times longer. The Cree LED A19 Series Lamps are a perfect incandescent replacement around the home and are mercury-free.